The Bible, Torah and Quran (In the light of Modern Science)


KURAN-~1The Bible, Torah and Quran (In the light of Modern Science)

It is certain that not only Quran but also the Bible and Torah, two of the other holy books are divine inspirations sent by Allah. Yet, as the Bible and Torah were subjected to some changes occasionally, there cannot be found a pure or unaltered Bible or Torah. As for the Quran, Allah promised to save It till the end of the World that is why not even a single letter has yielded to corruption during the passage of centuries. The verse which expresses that Quran will be protected by Allah:

-Surely, We revealed the Message, and We will surely preserve it (Al-Hijr,9)

If there is no other evidence that Quran is a miraculous holy book, that Quran has reached today unchanged is enough as a miracle.

At the time of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), Arabic literature, particulary poetry reached its apogee. Those who knew Arabic literature well, became prostrate before Quran. In that period when there was hardly any technology, if the Quran had expressed the discoveries and inventions in a clear way, this could increase the denials and mocks of the denialists of that time. Therefore, Allah reveals the secrets to the ulema who are expert on this matters. As He opens the door of fiqh to İmam Azam, İmam Şafi and depth of sufism to great saints like İmam Rabbani, he reveals the secrets of modern science to the expert scientists.

Charles Mismer, one of the French authors, states in his work called “Soirées de Constantinople” that Quran was a source of science and civilization by the means of these words:

-“Whenever Christians become self aware, they disengage from Christianity and whenever Muslims become ignorant, they abandon Islam.”

-“How can European civilization which was formed fifteen centuries after the propagation of Christianity be attribute to Christianity? And similary how can the ignorance and underdevelopment of today’s Muslims be attributed to Islam, while the civilization of Islam ruled over the other civilizations for more than a thousand centuries under the guidance of only the essentials of the Quran.

Victor Imberdis, a French legist and academician , expresses in his work called “Mahomet et L’Islam” that:

-“ Quran has become a holy law that forms a base for all legal doctrines. Not only in the Quran’s form but also in the Quran’s wording , you can see the grandiosity of Quran. With this aspect, the Quran embellishes the hearts and fosters bravery and courage ”

Prof. Maurice Bucaille, who is one of the professors that presided French Science Academy, wrote his book “La Bible le Coran, et la science” (The Bible, The Qur’an and Science) after he converted into a muslim as a result of his passion for searching divine books when he was at the French Science Academy. He explains that his criterion while he was searching was to test the divine books with modern sciences’ data in his book “La bible le Coran” in this way:

-To compare the text of the divine books and the data of science has always been a subject that makes people reflect on it.

It is a fact that a real divine inspiration cannot be thought to report a matter that is certainly known as false.

In accordance with these ideas, he starts his scrutiny from the Bible and goes on with the Old Testament. Consequently, he finds out that both of the books run into a contradiction on many points and deduces these conclusions:

-“In the first centuries of Christianity, just four books of the numerious old testaments were determined to be official and valid. However, even these four books run into many contradictions. The church gave order for the all of the bible, but these four, to be hidden. The attribution Aprocryphe (fake) that was given to these books was connected with this matter.

Another of the main differences between Christianity and Islam is that the Bible was not recorded when it was inspired but the Qur’an was recorded from the very moment when it started to be inspired. “

– “When we open the Bible, we encounter a serious problem with the genealogy of Christ Jesus on the first page. Because the information given by Matthew is clearly in contradiction with Luke’s. Furthermore, the given information by Luke conflicts with the modern information with regards to history of humanity. These contradictions do not vitiate the faith of God. Because the ones who changed the Bible bear the responsibility.

– “Many parables are told in various ways by a few or more Evangelists. When Christian people notice those contradictions, they get confused and surprised. The reason for this condition is that, the Evangelists who are known to be the witnesses of the events, told their stories repeatedly in the way that they wish them to be, so they also believed their visionary stories.”

-”Crucifixion is generally notified in different ways by the Evangelists. In addition, especially the differences between the Gospel of John and the other three are outstanding.

-”The contradictions are seen till the end of the narratives. Because John and Mathew do not mention about the ascension of Christ Jesus but Mark and Luke do.

-”The subjects such as Mathew’s confabulated narratives, explicit contradictions among the Bibles, incoherencies , parts that conflict with the data of modern science and the modification of the texts at different times cause the Bibles to contain some parts and chapters that are purely imaginary. “

After he made a thorough examination of the Bible and Torah, Professor Maurice Bucaille tried to scrutinize the Quran which is one of the sacred books by the means of the Quran’s meanings that he found in France but he was not satisfied with the meanings, because they contain mistranslation. Then he learned Arabic when he went to with a special purpose. So he had an opportunity to understand the Quran in its original language. Here is his explanation about his search:

-“None of the facts given by the Quran give rise to any objections from the point of scientific look. This is the result of our study.”

“While I was examining the compatibility of the Quran’s text with the data of modern science, I was completely impartial. As a result, I had to accept that the Quran does not have any sides that can be criticized within the scope of modern science.

It must be understood that while mentioning about the scientific data, we mean accurate and ultimate results; not the theoretical ones. “

The comparison of the Quran and Modern Science according to the scientific findings of Professor Maurice Bucaille:

The Quran and Modern Science

The reason for the misjudgements about the Islam in the West is either ignorance or malicious opposition.

It is necessary to leave the old impression about Islam which was blemished by misjudgements and slanders; and to confess the injustice that condemns Christian western world in the presence of Muslims.

For many European writers, the parable of creation in the Quran is similar to the one in the Torah that is why they feel pleased to give both parables together. However, their attitudes are fallacious, because there is a crystal clear discrepancy between two parables. There are several important issues that cannot be underestimated within the scope of science; if you stumble upon these issues, to search for their counterparts in the Torah remains inconclusive. For example:

Although it is written in the Torah that the creation took six days according to solar day and on the seventh day (far from it) the God took a rest, the phrase “sittati ayyam”(six days) in the Quran is stated as six long periods of time by the exegesis of Ebussuud efendi.

It is also present in different verses of the Quran that Ayyam(days) means periods. For example: “ a “yevm” (day) that lasts a time period of fifty thousand years”.

There is not even a slightest contradiction between the data of the Quran and modern science about the creation of the universe. The old testament gives data that are impossible to be sustained within the scope of science that is why the coherence between the data of the Quran and modern science must be an issue to be overemphasised.

Since the beginning of İslam, the accusation that prophet Muhammed replicated the parables of the Torah has been asserted randomly and it does not have any basis. It is impossible for a man to have sorted out the esteemed text of the Quran in any case from the texts of the Torah that have fallacies which contradict with the modern science and revealed the accurate texts of the Quran fourteen centuries ago. Furthermore, it is certainly unbelievable that he himself could explain many scientific facts centuries before the science discovered them. The Quran is divine and propounds completely a different way of narration from the Torah’s.

The expansion of the universe in the Quran according to the scientific findings of Professor Maurice Bucaille:

The Expansion of the Universe

The discovery of the expansion of the universe is the most magnificant case that was realized by science. The fact that the lines in the spectra of most galaxies shifts toward the red end of the spectrum is explained by the continuous recession of the galaxies ( vast collections of stars) from each other. The expansion of the universe and movement of the celestial bodies in this expansion range from the multitude of light velocity to the extention that exceeds the velocity of light. The expansion of the space is explained in this verse:

– “And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.” (adh-dhariyat/47)

The Quran explains the main creation process of the universe in two verses. And here is the other:

-“ Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?” (Anbiya/30)

It is understood by the means of this verse that the universe was created from a giant atom and at the beginning the heavens and the earth were joined. Then the big bang occurred and the heavens seperated from the earth. There is one more sign in this verse: “Have those who disbelieved not considered…?” This expression in the Quran indicates that the expansion of the universe would be discovered by non-muslims and it is a fact that the discovery was realized by American space scientists. This is another miracle of the Quran.

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